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How to use the Basic Norwex Package!

Basic Package
How to get started using your Basic Package...

   1. The graphite cloth pictured here is the        
       EnviroCloth. Wet this one WithJustWater.
       The purple cloth it is the WindowCloth.

   2. Cleaning with the Envirocloth. Fold the  
       cloth in half, then turn and fold in half
       again. Holding flat in your hand to come
       into full contact with the surfaces you are
       cleaning. This ensures you will pick
       up 99% of the bacterial contaminant from
       the surfaces, mechanically cleaning not
       chemically cleaning.

   3. Wipe your cleanest surfaces in the area
       you are cleaning, whether it is your
       bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom.
Folded EnviroCloths 

 As you continue to clean you will need to use a fresh side, simply  flip the first time, then inverting the first fold and using those two  sides. That will be four sides used. to move to the next four sides  unfold the cloth, refold with the unused sides to the outside refold.
   4. Rinse your cloth as needed throughout the cleaning process, shaking off crumbs etc...into the 
       sink or trash. Rub the cloth against itself under hot running water. If it has become greasy 
       cleaning in the kitchen as a little Norwex Dish Soap to the cleaning process, rinsing well.  

   5. Some surfaces you are cleaning removing grime....well, they need to shine! Mirrors, windows, 
       stainless steel, faucets.....For this you will use the WindowCloth. While the surfaces is still damp 
      from the EnviroCloth use the folded WindowCloth to dry and polish! It's a Sparkling, Streak-
      Free, and Stunning result every time!

  6. Finish up by rinsing out the EnviroCloth in hot water, fold one time and roll the fold wringing out       the cloth until it feels nearly dry. The WindowCloth does not require rinsing as it is normally only       damp not dirty. Now hang each by their name tag from a hook on your island, the back of the 
      laundry room door, or any non humid area to dry. Remember this is when the micro-silver     
      sanitizes the clothes. The silver is present in all cloths that say "BacLock", which is a good 
      reminder to use it WithJustWater! 

Color choice

How to get started using your Household Package...
Household Package.
  1. Place the Dusting Mitt on your hand, use "No" sprays of any kind! Pick up items and dust them, dust the surface where they were sitting, replace the item. Done! When your mitt becomes full simply take it outside for a good shake or better yet grab the Norwex Rubber Brush and remove the dust while you recharge the fibers for another round of dusting!

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