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Earn Your Stars

It is easy to earn $100's of dollars of free Norwex by simply having a great time with friends and family. Let's laugh, have a few "What" did you just do moments!
Your 1st opportunity to earn free product is with every purchase, see how easy! When they understand what Norwex is they want it.
Your 2nd opportunity to earn free product is because of the purchases in the 1st opportunity! You earn a % of the sale to go shopping for FREE!
Your 3rd opportunity to earn free product is from those who say "Wow" I want to have as much fun as you did while earning free Norwex. You will receive a free Window Cloth for each one!
Your 4th way to earn free product is the result of those new fun times set up on my calendar! It is the icing on the cake....with ice cream! Based on the sales of your party with 3 buying guest you will receive the best packages you could imagine.

Wait! What! all that and they sneak in a bonus at $600? You bet they did! Check out the packages for this month below.

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