Silver Care Toothbrush Equals Cleaner Teeth!

Medium Silver Care Toothbrush

Soft brush is plain bristles and the Medium brush has micro bumps, simply meaning it is microfiber. Microfiber by definition is a synthetic fiber finer than one or 1.3 decitex/thread.
Since the bristles' micro bumps are finer than 1.3 decitex, they are "microfiber". 

This is a diagram from (the supplier) 

Follow these steps to use your Silvercare Toothbrush

1. Wet the bristles (warm water will soften the medium brush bristles). 
2. Apply your preferred cleaning product and brush teeth thoroughly.
3. After use rinse the bristles and allow to air dry. 
4. Store dry toothbrush in the storage cap that it came with.

Change toothbrush head every six months, brushes come with two heads for your convenience. Each in it own storage cap.


When you rinse the Sliver Care toothbrush after each use the silver covering the head starts a natural self-sanitizing process to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Comparative tests between Silver Care and traditional toothbrushes show reduction level of Streptococcus mutans, the principal cavity-forming bacteria in a 24 hour period.

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