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Norwex Body Pack....WithJustWater!

Would you like to have clear beautiful skin? Would you like to save money instead of trying this product and that to find that it doesn't work?

 Norwex is a viable solution, worth a try! Using the body cloth to remove waterproof mascara, make-up and to exfoliate your skin! There are three products right there you have just replaced, cha-ching! 

Wait there's more, it will also clear up acne. With three cloths in the pack you use a new one every two days and wash them on the sixth day and start the cycle over again on the seventh day. Cha-ching, Cha-ching! 

What?! Yes, something more it can do! Wash your entire body, no more body wash.... and eliminate the need for shaving creams! Use the body cloth in the shower or bath wiping up against the hair on your wet leg, shaving as usual.  Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching! You just saved a lot of money with a $20 purchase! 

Norwex is amazing! I would love to share with you in more details how you can eliminate the use of chemicals from one end of your home to the other! Contact me today, 816-718-3124. 

These photos where shared by a Body Pack user. These photo are a 4 month progression from leaving behind commercial products using no other cleaners, simply the body pack WithJustWater. She dealt with problems most of her teen years with products that did not work. Now look at her beautiful skin!

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