Caring For Your Norwex Products

   How did you say that I wash my Norwex cloths?

 Many of you ask for a quick refresher course on how to take care of your Norwex cloths during parties. Follow these 4 simple steps and see just how EASY it is to take care of your Norwex microfiber! 

1.      Launder them with Norwex Laundry Detergents or other environmentally friendly detergent in hot water. Hot water helps to open up the little star shaped fibers that grab and hold onto all the crime we have been cleaning up!

2.     NEVER EVER use bleach! Bleach degrades the microfiber (and voids your warranty), plus it’s just not good for you.

 3.     Do NOT use fabric softener when washing or dryer sheets when drying your microfiber.  The oils in such products decrease the microfiber’s cleaning ability, and may leave residue on future surfaces.  You will remember these commercial products have unsafe chemicals in then.  I hope you’re no longer using them or you are reconsidering the need for fabric softener and dryer sheets anyway! 
4.     No...No….No….Linty loads!  Machine wash with lint-free laundry (i.e. cotton sheets) you want the cloths to continue to leave your windows, mirrors and other surfaces lint-free for many years to come! The cloths will grab and hold onto the lint fibers during both the washing and drying process and clog up your cloths!

Just a few more helpful hints for longevity!

The Rubber Brush from Norwex is excellent for removing debris from the mop pads, dust mitt and the EnviroCloth after use and between washing's. Another way to keep your microfiber fresh between laundering – Simply treat fresh spots with Norwex Dish Washing Liquid scrubbing it against itself. Rinse in clean water until the water runs clear.

Something Smells Funky   
No worries it is time for the Norwex Deep Clean using 

Follow with laundering in hot water as usual.
 Dry completely in the dryer. 

Mineral Deposits

I recommend the use of the magnet ball in your washer to pull the minerals out of the water. DO NOT use the magnet ball in a front loader, instead add the Norwex Descaler to your laundering process to easily remove minerals from the water during the wash cycle. 

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