Norwex Consulting, How? Why?

Ever dream of being an Entrepreneur? 

Does starting FREE sound great? How about full-time income with part-time hours? Would you like to be given FREE product and goodies for just doing your job? Building lasting relationships with new people sound appealing? If you answered Yes!, to any one of these questions then Norwex may very well be the path to building your dreams. Please read through this informational page, make a list of questions you may have. Call me, I would love to talk with you to answer those questions! Phone: 816-718-3124   

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FAQs about becoming a Norwex Consultant

What does it cost to become a Norwex consultant?

You’ll be super excited to learn that in the US, the party starter kit is FREE  when you have $2000 in sales in your first 90 days!  This can be accomplished in 4-6 parties, often it is reached sooner.  If you don’t meet this minimum, Norwex charges you $200, however the the retail value of the kit is $285. If you have held 1-2 parties you essentially have earned $200 income from your first $600 order submission! So again the kit is free! 

When do I receive my Party Starter Kit?

Kits are packaged and ready to ship, arriving in 3-7 business days.

A Norwex Party Starter Kit consist of the following.

Upgrade Bonus 12% additional discount!

How often and when would you work?

Whenever you want! Mark through the days on your day planner you will not hold parties. Be sure to mark down the day you worship, your family time, and other appointments. This makes Norwex an easy fit for virtually any lifestyle or schedule!  Flexibility rocks!!!

How much time is needed to be successful? 

Before and after a demo, you will spend 30-60 minutes between coaching your hostess “in how to have the most successful show”, placing the order, and follow-up customer care calls. To set up for a demo you need approximately 15-20 minutes, the presentation typically lasts about 45-60 minutes, and the ordering time is about another 30 minutes.  When the whole evening is done, you’re usually looking at about 2 1/2 hours at the host/ hostess’ home.  So that means from start to finish and even some behind the scenes work, you can easily make $50 dollars/hour.  What other part-time job can offer those excellent wages?!

Will I make a commission from Norwex sales

Yes! Consultants receive 35% discount on their own products, Person-to-person direct sales, and party sales Norwex Consultants are one of the highest paid consultants in the home-party industry!

Is there and average for home party sales in the USA?

The average home party is between $600-$700. It’s not unusual to have $1000 sales, your commission, $350 in one night!  On average, the consultant’s profit (in the US) will be roughly $210-260.   Better than most 9 to 5 jobs, right!

How much will I pay for Hosting gifts when I hold parties?

Norwex has a generous, company-funded hosting program. Along with Norwex’s super-effective “green” products, this extremely generous host/hostess program (funded by Norwex!) makes it even easier to book parties!  I love how well Norwex treats their customers, their hostesses, and their consultants!  I can’t think of a better company to be a part of!

Are there expensive supply costs? 

Supply cost is very low. Catalogs are just $.75 each!  Order forms are only $9.99 for 100.

What is a Norwex presentation like? 

A Norwex presentation is unlike any other party you've been to. Simply said everyone cleans, everyone will purchase a cleaning product of some kind every two months. This means you are offering a “need” not a “want” for every home in the world, rich or poor! Then we actually demo how well these amazing products work!  We smear some Vaseline on a window and clean it to a sparkling, streak-free shine…. WithJustWater and a Norwex cloth! It is so much fun and really amazing to watch the WOW in the eyes of the guest as they "get it"!    I've had countless hostesses tell me that they “NEVER host parties” but that this party is “different” and they’d love to book a show!!  Besides the fact that they had a fun evening, they tell me that they want to share this with their friends because of the difference these products make!

Will I need to keep inventory on hand?

No, keeping inventory is not a requirement!  Typically orders ship directly to you in 5-7 days.   You may find as your customer base grows, that some inventory is nice for re-orders, but even for re-orders, it is SO simple to drop-ship them the product directly from Norwex.

Getting off to a FreshSTART 

To start off earning free products be sure to host your launch party as soon as your kit arrives, closing the party within the first 15 days of your signup date.

What are the monthly sales requirements as a consultant?

 There are no monthly sales requirements to remain a consultant. To be considered an Active Consultant you must have at least $250 retail sales (includes personal product purchases) within each rolling 3-month period to remain an Active Consultant.  Because you get 35% discount on your purchases, this actually amounts to about $170/ 3 month period.  To be considered an Engaged Consultant you must have at least $250 retail sales monthly. You are considered an Inactive Consultant when you only submit retail sales of $250 in a 6-month period. After 6-months you are considered a Dormant Consultant with buying privileges. When you have not had $250 sales in a years time you will be no longer considered a consultant. 

(NOTE: to receive team leader checks, there are monthly sales requirements.)

Is there an annual renewal fee? 

No, there are no renewal fees! As long as you maintain one of the consultant status’s with $250 retail sales in a rolling period. If however you are dormant with no sales in a years time you pay $19.99 for reactivation.

How is my commission paid to me?

 If the party guests or direct customers pay by check or cash, you get your profit immediately, since you only pay Norwex 65% of the retail amount (and tax & shipping) and the customer paid you the full retail amount.   When the amount of your credit card payments exceeds the amount that you owe Norwex for the order, Norwex will direct-deposit that overage amount as your commissions into your bank account that you enter in your consultant back 0ffice.'
Sponsoring commissions paid for training and supporting your active team, are direct deposited once per month. (NOTE: The choice to sponsor and train a team is optional.  Some people LOVE the training portion of Norwex (like I do!), while others prefer to simply share the Norwex products.  I am thrilled to be your mentor and trainer in both aspects of this business!)  There is NO ceiling to your income potential as a Norwex leader, and honestly, one of my favorite parts of this business, is blessing others with a potentially life-changing home business.

Vendor Events 

The Norwex business opportunity is constructed to allow consultants to sell the products at trade shows and vendor fairs!  They are such a fun opportunity to build your business!


This is also an excellent way to build your business while contributing 10-25% of your profit to a cause that you believe in!

(Note:  Norwex does NOT allow the sale of products on online auction sites such as EBay, Amazon, or in retail stores.)

Do I pay sales taxes?

Norwex collects and remits the customers sales taxes. This means that we don’t have to worry about remitting sales tax to the state!  Another huge perk!

What are the tax benefits? 

As a small business owner, you may track your business mileage; use a portion of your homes utilities; deduct the square footage of a home office, internet & phone expenses, business & office supplies, as well as many other deductions.  I’m not a tax professional, so be sure to consult with your tax person for tax guidelines.

What other incentives are there to being a consultant? 

You earn product packages based on your monthly sales, quarterly consultant incentives to use in your business, and annually some pretty amazing Norwex  trips around the globe!

Am I provided with a website from Norwex? 

Yes!   Norwex websites are available to all Norwex consultants for just $9.99/month (Free for your first 30 days!)!!    This means that your customers can order from you online, you can send them a monthly newsletter directly from Norwex, and offer them evites.

Is Norwex a pyramid scheme? 

No, Norwex is a direct sales/ home party company. Norwex retails in-demand, practical and high-quality products to our customers.  Norwex doesn’t advertise via media, but rather pays independent consultants such as you and me to be their advertisement!

What is a Sponsor? what kind of support can I expect? 

A Sponsor is the Norwex Consultant you sign up under. As a team grows the sponsor is your up-line, you are her down-line. My goal is that my team members are successful in meeting their personal Norwex goals! I love to help new consultants get there, and continue to offer my personal phone & email support and coaching to help you successfully build your new business. You’ll also receive emails from me and are welcome to participate in our local KCMO team meetings, and have access to our fantastic up-line support site. Because Norwex is SO new across the globe, many people find their Norwex sponsor online.  Regardless of whether I am in your location or across the country, training and support are KEY, and with excellent support systems in place, we’re able to work together whether you live down the street, in another state, or another country. I consider it an honor to help you get started!!! Norwex is a global company the market is wide open- we would love your help in sharing Norwex globally.  Start a Norwex business now, and you’ll likely find yourself leader of a very large team!  We'd love to provide our support, training, and guidance as you launch your business.)

How do I become knowledgeable about the products?

In your back office you will find many training video's, you may shadow my parties, you may view videos at the Norwex YouTube and Facebook links. Of course using the products offers a great resource of knowledge. 

Can I sponsor my own team of active consultants!!

With as few as three consultants on your team, you can start earning 3% on the sales of your personal team.   Norwex has no cap on the amount you can earn- no point where they limit your earning potential!  As you promote to Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, Senior Executive Sales Leader, and VP Sales Manager, your residual income will continue to grow.   This is real-life, real-time earning potential.   We have unbelievable income potential here in the US, as Norwex is still “a baby”.  There’s such a need for more consultants to spread the word about this incredible company, its products and opportunity.  I would LOVE to have you help us Norwex America!

Norwex is such an incredible opportunity to work with like-minded people toward a common mission to help those we love and new friends know there is a better way to clean! Welcome to Norwex! Please contact the consultant who sent you this link to sign up today! I look forward to getting to know you throughout our business relationship together.

Rhonda Welch, Sales Leader of WithJustWater....and A Cloth!

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