Fijian Sea Salt

Wouldn't you like to have a Sea Salt that has the lowest sodium in the world? Salt without fear! It is all right here...

Keto A Lifestyle requires you to be a little salty! Nothing can do the job better than what is found in the Wakaya waters. Sea salt from the finest part of the sea. 

Salt's job is to assist the liver to breaks down good fats into ketones for energy. 

Sea salt, in and of itself, is much more beneficial for you than processed salt, better even than pink salt. Wakaya salt has less sodium at 310 mg per tsp, while table salt boast 2300 mg and pink salt 2000 mg.

Harvested from apple-green Fijian reefs, then solar dried on pristine beaches under the island sun. Our large, sparkling crystals retain vitamins and minerals lost in regular salt therefore having a much higher mineral count that its counter parts– it will enliven any dish with their rich taste and satisfying crunch. The only thing unnatural about it is people’s obsession with it.

Kosher certified, Vegan, Non-GMONo preservatives. No additives. Bio Gro Certified Organic (New Zealand).

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