Keto-Mojo is a handy tool for tracking both your Blood Glucose and Ketone levels when you are living a Keto Lifestyle.  

Coaching my husband through the other side of a 50 lb weight loss journey felt amazing. The satisfaction lead me to began building a online community for those living, learning or seeking the Keto A Lifestyle. This has become a passion, to help others achieve better health, myself included!

Beginning Keto August 2017
Down 35 plus pounds December 2017

January 31, 2018
Living the Keto Lifestyle
Down 5o plus pounds!

When using the Keto-Mojo success can be quickly achieved, it will help you identify foods you should avoid. It is so easy however they do have tutorial's to help you along the get started if you are like me and never have tested your blood glucose or your Ketone levels, check out the Videos!

Want this to be your story? Get Your Mojo On! Let me know your story at

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