Ginger & Turmeric

Superfoods from the Wakaya Island in Fiji

Keto, Antioxidant and Electrolyte these super-foods are powerful tools that can take away aching joints due to inflammation,  help to fight cancer by removing free radicals, the best part your overall general health can be improved when taken as a duo. Exotic Wakaya Fijian Turmeric and Ginger will certainly surprise did my husband! 

A gorgeous view and so much more! The island holds an amazing treasure in it'st ancient volcanic soil as well! Pure proprietary superfoods found growing untouched for 100's of years in the depths of the island. This discovery has grown into a 2,200 acre certified organic Fijian plantation. Where these superfoods are patiently cultivated by hand in the rich volcanic soil, irrigated only with the natural sparkling rainfall, and harvested by the people of Fiji. No shortcuts or extra ingredients just native plants growing exactly how they're meant to be grown.

Discovered on the island in the mid-seventies, a rare and beautiful spice, found nowhere else.

This gem has been certified to hold within its beautiful pink root 3% more gingerol than is normally found it every day ginger. 

Equally as unique a beautiful and bright Spice 

Why is it so different? 

This orange gold root has been certified to hold three strains of curcumin and nearly 6% times more of this healing property.

Taken together these super foods are a power house duo of healing. Using equal doses of each you now have unpacked the five properties. 


A simple search via the internet and you will find many of the medical benefits being discovered. 

Linking one here would be futile, it would be old news in no time. Our understanding of these super-foods continues to grow.

Turmeric is an extremely hard spice to breakdown, in fact our bodies can not do this alone. To access the beneficial healing properties of curcumin it has been discovered there is no better companion spice than ginger. Together they are a very effective blood thinner, anti-inflammatory, pain-killer and more. If it is not taken with the ginger you never unleash the curcumin therefore it is just the turmeric part of the spice in use. Turmeric has long been used in India as a coagulant, it is a powerful tool by itself...Super Foods Make Life Better!

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